Trade & Investment Structuring

Businesses and individuals need reliable and experienced guidance to be successful when engaging in cross-border trade and making transnational investments. The attorneys at Higginson Beyer are well-respected for providing sound legal advice when assisting both domestic businesses and individuals engaged in activities abroad. The firm also has tremendous experience helping foreign entities succeed here in the United States, and to structure their operations in a way that protects assets and maximizes gain under the United States tax laws. Although our international and cross-border business structuring practice largely has a North American focus, our team has assisted businesses and individuals in many countries. Our team is prepared to provide reliable and time-tested advice on a variety of international business structuring issues, including statutory compliance, treaty rights work, and individualized strategic counseling. In conjunction with our distinguished domestic and international tax practice, Higginson Beyer is uniquely suited to become your full-service law firm for all of your cross-border and transnational business affairs.r

Our team-based approach, in which the firm’s partners and staff work closely together to serve the firm clientele, not just their own, is wholly beneficial to both the firm and our clients. The personnel at Higginson Beyer strive to familiarize themselves with matters concerning all of the firm’s clientele. With this team approach, our firm seeks to foster an environment with our clients built on trust and collaboration. Building this type of relationship with our clients often allows us to be far more efficient in servicing our clients’ needs than any standard law firm. By being involved with the client’s needs prior to negotiations, document signings, or litigation, our hands-on approach often results in fewer legal costs than might otherwise be incurred and ultimately a greater return for the client.